Low $5
Mid $18
High $65
  • 1st full appearance of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel (interior story) and Tanalth the Pursuer.
  • Larroca A cover.
  • The 1:75 variant McNiven cover (incredibly rare in high grade with only 13 9.8 copies on the CGC census) was a last minute entry at number 5 last week with a massive 9.8 sale of $3,750. We speculated that this could be the long anticipated awakening of the slumbering giant that is Kamala Khan.
  • The Larroca cover replaces it this week, after charting on the Trending 20 last week, and rockets to the number 3 spot with a slew of big new sales.
  • The regular cover jumped this week from a previous high of $485 in 9.8 to $500, then to $600, then to $700 and finally to the current new all-time record high of $750.
  • Meanwhile, a CGC 9.8 copy of the 2nd print (the only difference being a blue footer on the cover) sold for a whopping $2k on eBay.
  • With the ever present interest this year on Miles Morales and the subsequent demand for Spider-Gwen, Silk and Riri this was inevitable.
  • And with a live action Disney+ series already announced by Marvel Studios, all signs point to this being just the beginning for a wave of Kamala fever who has up until recently been arguably the most popular of the crop of Marvel characters introduced in the 2010s.
  • Whether Kamala interest continues to be focused on this book is the question. Last week's $3,750 CGC 9.8 McNiven sale kicked off the current Kamala train but also refocused attention to this one from other books. It is likely that last weeks sale had as much to do with the rarity of this book in 9.8 as it did collectors identifying this as the key Kamala appearance.
  • Captain Marvel #14 (1st cameo), Captain Marvel #17 (2nd cameo) and Captain Marvel #17 2nd print (1st cover appearance) all pre-date this book.
  • To date, Captain Marvel #17 2nd print has been the go to book for collectors and is easily the most recognizable book associated with her first appearance.
  • The most recent data puts CGC 9.8 copies of Captain Marvel #17 2nd print at an average $1,300 but the few copies for sale are priced at double and often triple that. It is likely that demand will shift here as the Kamala market matures.
  • Estimated retailer orders for All-New Marvel Now Point One #1 of approximately 32,929.
Publisher Marvel
Published March 2014
Written By Various Writers
Illustrated By Salvador Larroca