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  • 1st full appearance of John Constantine aka Hellblazer.
  • One of the most popular and most published modern era DC Comics characters.
  • Adapted into a live action movie starring Keanu Reeves in 2005.
  • This week Constantine director Francis Lawrence discussed his desire to reteam with Keanu for a sequel.
  • Rumors circulate that Constantine will be a lead in the upcoming JJ Abrams produced Justice League Dark TV series for HBO Max.
  • Recently rumors have begun circulating that Constantine may appear in the upcoming Sandman TV series.
  • 2 mega 9.8 sales occurred this week breaking the previous all-time sales high record twice. On Saturday, a 9.8 copy sold for $895, then on Wednesday a 9.8 copy sold for $995 (up from an average of $600 in 2019).
  • It's likely this book is correcting after being undervalued since the last run up occured in the early 2000s.
Publisher DC
Published June 1985
Written By Alan Moore
Illustrated By Stephen Bissette