Low $8
Mid $20
High $70
  • 1st team appearance of the Young Avengers.
  • 1st appearance of Kate Bishop (later becomes Hawkeye), Patriot, Iron Lad (Kang), Hulkling, son of Mar-Vell and Anelle, the Asgardian (name later changed to Wiccan, son of Scarlet Witch).
  • Making its way from the Trending 20 to rounding out the Hot 10 is a book chock full of potential and first appearances.
  • A recent spike in sales (both graded and raw) and a new all-time record 9.8 price of $490 (up from last weeks high of $285) could signal impending media news for one of the characters that appears here for the first time. Several versions exist including a Toybiz reprint, a black and white Wizard World variant and a director's cut. But the rarest and most in demand is the CGC 9.5 (yes! 9.5!) Wizard World VIP Edition graded at Wizard World Philadelphia for the Wizard First Program and limited to just 285 copies. Currently a ghost, it has not been seen for sale publicly in weeks.
  • [July 2020 - rumors are resurfacing that actress Hailee Steinfeld will play Kate Bishop on the Disney+ Hawkeye series].
Publisher Marvel
Published April 2005
Written By Allan Heinberg
Illustrated By Jim Cheung